question 1


My son, who is 21, is considering moving to the UK from South Africa. I have a British passport (my father was British) and have lived here in the UK for three years (permanently employed). I know my son qualifies for an ancestral visa, but could he get a British passport because I have one? Also, if he comes over on an ancestral visa, does he need a minimum level of savings and a certificate of sponsorship? He will be staying with me until he gets on his feet.

Unfortunately, your South African-born son does not qualify for British citizenship because he fails to meet the conditions for double- descent citizenship. These  include that the parent who  is British by descent lived in the UK before the child’s birth for a continuous period  of three years and that the child’s application be made before the child’s 18th birthday. As your son is already 21, he will be eligible to apply for an ancestry visa on the basis of a grandparent born in the UK. He will need to have the equivalent of £1600 in savings. A sponsorship certificate is not needed.