March 2011: London Local – Lavania Adam

Teaching in the capital can be challenging – it’s good to have trainers handy – but it is never dull and you get to explore a world completely out of your comfort zone says this dedicated teacher and pub visitor!

What I like about London is...there is always something new and old on the same street. You can get lost in the city by walking down one street too early and there will always be something to see, whether it’s a brawl, a celebrity or a random piece of artwork. It’s always changing but has this strong historical past to it.

What infuriates me about London is...lack of sunlight. Especially during the winter months. That is the time your body is used to sun and just craves it. It’s also the time when you receive messages from friends about the beach, sun and fun they are having, while you are sitting in the dark at 4pm…

My work day... is never the same. It consist of students trying to get the better of staff. Being alert and having a pair of trainers on is always helpful.

I relax by...trying to visit the many pubs of London. It’s a very English tradition that I fully support.

I love my job’s always a challenge and never dull. I walk away with the most amazing and terrifying stories from people that haven’t even started their lives.

My work/life balance is...I try to tip the scale to more life balance but like any scale it never tips my way.

I miss South Africa’s...junk food. I’m talking about Nik Naks, Simba crisps, green creme soda, purple Fanta, Fritos, etc. It’s childhood memories in a small, colourful package.  

I would like. say world peace but really I just want my jet pack or my flying car. To have more time in the day. Spend more time exploring England, especially the little villages.

Best of all would be... to see the world from every perspective.

Love is
... open to interpretation 
and most times people have 
different interpretations, so it is up 
to the individual.

To sum up... Living and working in London has taken me out of my comfort zone and I love that. Living away from everything you know is an experiment. My experiment is ongoing – I still aim to be a Nobel Prize winner.

Name: Livania Adam
Age: 29
Job: Teacher
Company: Secondary
Born: Johannesburg
Studied: University of
Western Sydney

Are you a London Local? Email to tell us about you or a friend


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