Homestay to feel at home

If you desire to find out about the culture of your travel destination Homestay is the solution for you.

Homestay in-fact is a kind of tourism abroad program that enables visitors to lease from a local family a place. This sort of accommodation is good to better understand the local lifestyle, reduce expenses and improve language ability.

You'll find various sites on the internet that handle Homestay, "Like at Home" is one of them. In is easy to locate hosts and people who accommodate guests and tourists searching for homestay hotel.

If you are a traveller looking for ways to minimize travel costs or undoubtedly immerse your self in yet another culture homestay has become the better choice for you. If you are an host you can earn some extra-money letting your rooms and, who understands, meet people really interesting people.

Homestay scenarios can be extremely different and range between a basic area rental to an immersive family knowledge, good especially for students that want to learn the area language and visit other countries. Dinig out, camping, carnivals, and other family events or holyday activities can be quite a great means for youngs to be inspired and entertained in learning something about foreign countries.

More independent students might easy, needless to say, decide to rent a space in just a private home with minimal supervision from a variety or family.

For prolonged stay usually could be established some kind of contract in wich the student/renter pay his homestay with home responsibilities as yard work, babysitting and similar Huckleberry Finn type jobs.

Needless to say, as you never know who will rent the place, a residential district as Like at Home is truly usefull as a result of most of the host companies offered:

- Free listing immediately converted into the major international languages to locate a guest from anywhere on earth
- No membership fees or other charges for your record
- Listing of Favorite guests/hosts
- Booking. Guests and Hosts could plan a vacation. A Guest may possibly suggest the vacation dates but the reservation should be confirmed by the Host. Other friends can be invited by the Guest to visit
- Social score. Friends receive ratings from their Host families and these are included in the account to help you in choosing
- At Like-at-home you will only pay a small fixed charge when you really do find a guest and book your hotel
- some friends can be invited by Guest to your accommodation if you agree
- Customized privacy for the personal information

And more features from guest as:

- Real-time evidence
- No booking charges
- Family profiles and scores
- List of Favorites
- your Friends can be found by You on and share homestay experiences
- Guests and Hosts could plan a vacation
- Customized privacy for your personal information

If you're enthusiastic about this form of travel don't forget to visit LikeAtHome and, if you decide to travel in this interesting way, give your friend your trip and stay.

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