Am I entitled to a South African passport?


simon85 "Hi, Was wondering if you could help, I was born in South Africa in November 1985 to two British parents and lived there till September 1989 when my mother and I moved back to England, but my father remained and still remains in South Africa to this date. I currently have a British passport but was wondering if I am entitled to a South African passport as well and how I would go about achieving this if I am? I have tried resourcing it on the internet but the laws are extremely confusing.

We asked Mr Johannes K. Tiba, Head: Immigration& Civic Services at the South Afircan Commission your question.

He said: "Regarding the enquiry, to be able to confirm whether he is a citizen, I will have to find out the status of his parents in SA at the time of his birth.  Nevertheless, if his parents were South African permanent residents at the time of his birth, he may a South African citizen by birth. Accordingly, I would be grateful if you can inform the correspondent to complete the Determination of Citizenship form, and to scan and email it to me at so that I can determine his citizenship."

 PLEASE NOTE the South African High Commission has changed its website address.



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