Homelanz tickets here!

If you’re up for an annual one-day London festival celebrating the best Southern Hemisphere culture, entertainment, music and cuisine then come along to HOMELANZ.

Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans will reminisce about home. And the rest of the world can enjoy an authentic Southern Hemisphere experience – all in a friendly, convenient, leafy corner of West London.
There will be 12 bands over 2 stages, including headliners KORA from New Zealand, Prime Circle from South Africa and Alex Lloyd from Australia. Other great acts include Anna Coddington, Bowie Jane, Dave Gander, Glenn Aitken, Jayson Norris, J.T. Mills Experience, Munkinpure and Melic, as well as DJs in the Silent Disco.
You’ll also be able to sample the best in Southern Hemisphere food, beer and wine. Various UK restaurants known for their authentic Southern Hemisphere cuisine will be at the festival, including many owned and managed by internationally-renowned chefs. And wine exhibitors will be showcasing the wonderful diversity of the regions, with a number of smaller producers as well as the big names.
In short, your taste buds will certainly be well catered for at HOMELANZ.
And with more acts to be announced soon, your eyes and ears are also guaranteed a truly memorable day!


For more details visit www.homelanz.co.uk or find us on FACEBOOK.
Website: www.homelanz.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/homelanz
Email: info@homelanz.co.uk




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