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People live overseas for many  reasons – a job, new horizons, a partner or simply because they meant to stay for a year and ended up staying forever. Globalisation is playing a part too– as talents follow careers and companies (visa restrictions allowing)  and many young people call more than  one country home.

Whatever their reasons, most South Africans stay in touch with  loved ones, travel back regularly,  send money  home and keep an eye on what is happening. For an idea of where you might fit in, read on and let us know if we’ve left out any organisations.

I never get how we became Antipodeans – but no worries! This free-to-join website  is for South Africans living in the UK and Ireland who  are looking for a friend, travel partner or relationship. Open to ‘guys and girls,’ with  a ‘Hot 50 members’ section, it is updated  daily with specific sections for South Africans.

Established in September 1993, it is the foremost South African networking organisation in London. You’ll get to meet up with  other  expat professionals and business people. Speakers address topics that include politics, business and personal development. 
The club has hosted  many South African and world leaders. Next up is Ian Goldin, director of the James Martin 21st Century School at the University of Oxford, in November.

An online community, chat forum  and events  diary for expat Sanzas (South Africans, Kiwis and Aussies). The online shop sells a large range of food and wine including biltong. Look out for classified ads, cheap telephone calls and competitions.

Facebook groups for gay South Africans in London (and further) organise  events  including braais, reunions and nights out for those  in London and offer suggestions for accommodation.
Members  can post links and details. php?gid = 42675370476 php?gid = 36520486970

Made up predominantly, but not exclusively, of SA professionals living in the UK. Expect exclusive excursions.
It’s free to register and you will be notified about new events, like a day out at Ascot (below). The co-founders say it might be winding  down  but do keep an eye on the website.

London South Africa Rugby Football Club (RFC) is one of most successful young rugby clubs in England. Expect players who  have played at all levels, including provincial and national.Based in the South African community, a variety  of nationalities join in. Head to training  on Mon and Wed at 7pm in Wimbledon  Park. londonsouthafrica/

Based at the Old Actonian’s ground, you’ll enjoy two  fun competitions. Matches are usually on Wednesday evenings. There  is a competitive edge but the focus is also on socialising. Teams or single players welcome. netball.htm

The official club for Springbok supporters who  are living in the UK and Europe. The intention is to build up the Boks’ international following. Membership is free and you’ll get access to photo galleries, events, team news  and the Bokzine.

Former President  Mandela established the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF) in 1995. It has already funded thousands of projects. You can make  donations  or assist with  fundraising  and volunteering at a variety  of events that are held around the UK. The NMCF also offers three internship programmes throughout the year.

Starfish Greathearts Foundation aims to help children  in southern Africa who  have been orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. There are a number of volunteering or fundraising opportunities.  Supporters are urged to make a long-term commitment.

Thatu supports self-help projects in South Africa, focusing on sustainable community and school food gardens. Besides volunteering your time, you can use as your search engine, send in used UK and foreign stamps and hold a fundraising  garden party.

Established in 1994 as the successor  to the Anti-Apartheid Movement, Actsa campaigns with  the people of southern Africa for justice, democracy and development in the region.




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SA clubs in London

I really like the activities listed above. Please let me know if there is anyone interested in touch Rugby.

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