Get the latest news with androids best news apps

Keep up with the latest news with the best news apps for android phones

Keeping track of the latest happenings in the world has obviously become everybody’s concern with each and every day experiencing new happenings all over the world.

However, the latest entries of better news apps for android phones have made it easier for one to watch the current and breaking news right from your phone.

Watching news is bound to be a lot easier than how it was a decade ago, due to being able to use apps on our phones.

You can use the android applications below on any android device, including Samsung, HTC and Sony Xperia.

Soon you will even be able to download these amazing apps on the Samsung S9 or S9 Plus which is set to be released in March 2018. Read more information. app

This is a great news app that mainly focuses on the breaking news.

Although it started out as technology news newsletter it has grown over the years to be among the best app dealing with the current news where you get the chance to choose the category of news you want to read about.

Make sure you get this app into your android phone or iPhone.

Yahoo news digest app

This app is among the most used news apps for android phone with this reason being attributed to the fact that yahoo is among the pioneer stakeholders in the technology sector.

Because of its vast experience this app is able to broadcast news from all over the world and with this app in your phone you will certainly be able to follow up on the latest news trending in the whole world.


News360 app is among the oldest news apps to be created for android and iPhone use.

It is a well-coordinated app not only giving you current news but also news and stories about the learning world. This app generally ensures that you are kept in the know of what things are happening in the world and also information about learning experiences that you might not know.

By virtue of it being among the first developed news apps, its experience comes in handy in making sure that the news they convey are the most useful in the current world.

Newsbeat android app

Although it is a new news app, it has significantly grown in the numbers of people using it. It basically gets its news from other well-known news websites and then filters them for you just so you can get access of these pieces of news right from your mobile phone.

It gives a well-organized weather and traffic report for its users in the United States and you are bound to enjoy using this app as it also delivers the latest in the world of technology.

So make sure you get the best news app for android that suits your needs and start keeping in touch with the latest in the news world right from your phone.

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