High Commission London Passport Renewal/Application


There is a new message on the South African High Commission website homepage that reads as follows: Changes to services rendered by the Consular Section from September 01, 09 APPOINTMENT SYSTEM South Africans will no longer need appointment to apply for passport and related services rendered by the Consular Section. OPENING & CLOSING OF OFFICE The office will be opened from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM Monday to Friday except on public holidays. COLLECTION OF ISSUED DOCUMENTS Collection of issued documents will also be moved from the present time of 15:00 - 16:00 to 08:30 - 12:30 Monday to Friday except on public holidays. TELEPHONIC ENQUIRIES ON SERVICES RENDERED BY THE OFFICE Telephonic enquiries will be accepted by the office from 2 PM to 4 PM. Does anybody know what this means - will passport applications only be done by post from 1 September 2009, or - will we have to turn up at the consulate without an appointment and hope we get to make our application in person? The line about "Services rendered by the consular section" did make me smile as in my experience the Consular Section does not provide any service - they don't answer the telephone, they don't reply to faxed queries and they don't return self addressed evelopes requesting fingerprint forms!!

Michelle replied on 07-13-2009 1:33 PM

Hi Ren,

What it means is, you can go to the High Commission without an appointment and make your application in person.

You have kindly answered my question too regarding them not send fingerprint forms back even though you send them a self addressed envelope, what a cheek!!! 


Ren replied on 07-16-2009 7:31 AM

Hi Michelle,

Good news - I finally got my fingerprint forms exactly 4 weeks to the day after I sent my self addressed envelope to the consulate.  I have heard of people getting the forms a week after sending a request so once again I think it just depends on luck.  We can only imagine how they operate .....

Michelle replied on 07-16-2009 12:22 PM

Oh there's still hope then!!  haha, glad you received your forms...  Good luck with your application!

Sreet replied on 09-18-2009 12:10 PM


Can anyone help - I was a day over my visa last year so had to send a fine with my passport to the Consular section of the High Commission - put in a special delivery SAE as the website said to do, and it's now been over a month I'm now waiting to get my passport and receipt of payment back even though I've managed to track they cashed my postal order on 21st August.

I've been calling every day, have left my details 3 times and still no-one has called me back.  Do you think I should just be patient and wait?  My friend had to pay off a fine and got his passport and receipt back after 6 days.....I'm wondering if like you said it's the luck of the draw?!?!

Anyone's advice would be appreciated as this is doing no good for my blood pressure!!  :o(


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Dual Nationality


Was wondering if you could help, I was born in South Africa in November 1985 to two British parents and lived there till September 1989 when my mother and I moved back to England, but my father remained and still remains in South Africa to this date. I currently have a British passport but was wondering if I am entitled to a South African passport as well and how I would go about achieving this if I am?

I have tried resourcing it on the internet but the laws are extremely confusing.

Much thanks