Renewing My South African Passport


Ok, so I have read through a number of posts and it seems there have been quite a few people struggling to know exactly what is required to renew their South African passport from the UK especially where dual nationality is involved. I have both a South African and a Greek passport, I am going back to SA in November for a mates wedding and as my passport expires in December I am told I need to renew it. So I am hoping someone can tell me exactly what I need to do to apply for my passport by post. My understanding is as follows Send self addressed envelope to "South African High Commission" requesting the following forms BI-73, BI-529 and BI-9 Once these forms are returned I am to go to a fingerprint bureau to have form BI-9 completed. To then post the completed BI-73, BI-529 and BI-9 forms along with 2x Certified copies of current passport 2x Certified copies of Identity document 2x Certified copies of Greek passport (Note : No British visa required, due to being Greece being part of EU) 2x Certified recent photographs postal order ( in British pounds) What I am not sure about is whether I need to include copies of my my own, my fathers and grandfathers birth certificates? and if so whether or not these will need to be translated? Another question I have is, where exactly do all these docs get posted to? I cant seem to find anything on the website. I was also wondering, if it wouldnt just be easier (albeit more expensive) to just fly to SA and renew the stupid thing there? Does anyone know if they keep your passport when re-applying from SA? Any help or advice would be appreciated Cheers Peter

Michelle replied on 07-12-2009 2:54 PM

I sent a pre paid envelope to the High Commission and I am STILL waiting for the application forms!!!  God only knows when I will get these, I am just going to go in September when no appointment is necessary!

Peter Kapsopoulos replied on 07-12-2009 4:20 PM

I actually went to the SA embassy on Friday to collect all the forms and was told told that I could go back on Monday (without an app) to renew my passport. So I wouldnt believe everything you read on their website.

As it turns out I have received an email from stating the following

"Kindly be advised that for SA nationals there are no limitation as to when you can enter as long as you have a foreign passport"

So in my instance it looks like I will not need to renew my passport before going home in November. So given the fact it only takes 6 weeks in SA and I can get a member of family to collect it for me once its ready, I am going to do that.

I also found that phoning the SA consulate in pretoria was the best way of getting the information that i needed.

Dealing with the guys here in the UK was a total nightmare...Good luck folks

cristell revill replied on 07-18-2009 10:07 AM

I dont know what to think.  I rang them on Tuesday and was told that the walk in system starts up in August.  I was also told that if I want my passport before December (going home for x-mas) I had to apply before that, so I did by post. How do you know if they actually recieved you're passport application?

bakermidge replied on 07-24-2009 12:48 PM

Here is a summarised version of dual nationality guidelines.

Dual nationality

Prior to 2004, South Africa in principle did not recognise the multiple citizenship of its nationals unless the citizen applied for an exemption or permission letter under a 1995 law permitting South African citizens to travel using foreign passports.

Since 2004, South African dual nationals may travel without hindrance as long as they enter and leave South Africa on their South African passports. Dual nationals may petition for temporary, emergency or "permanent" South African passports for this purpose.

However, a South African citizen who by a formal and voluntary act acquires the citizenship of another country, automatically loses his or her South African citizenship unless they apply for, and receive permission to retain their South African citizenship before acquiring the citizenship of another country.[1]

South African citizens under the age of twenty-one (21) years are exempt and do not require permission as long as they acquire the foreign citizenship before their twenty-first (21st) birthday. They automatically retain their South African citizenship for life unless; once they have reached the age of 21 and they then wish to acquire a further foreign citizenship. They will then have to apply for prior permission to retain their South African citizenship - failing to do so, they will automatically lose their South African citizenship

You may not get a new SA passport back in time for your trip. You will also lose your citizenship when your current SA passport expires.

For this reason I'd say renew it in SA. A few of my mates have renewed their passports in SA while on holiday there. I dn't think they will keep your passport while you wait for a new one but sugest you check on DHA website(dept home affaiars)

bakermidge replied on 07-24-2009 12:53 PM

To add to that

If you got your Greek passport before you turned 21 then you have SA citizenship for life.  I applied for a new SA passport on 16th April, got it back on 10th July- just under 3 months so you can take a chance and apply for it in london. If I were you I would do it in person at High commission.

Elle replied on 08-10-2009 11:42 AM

I hope you will be able to help me.

My South Afircan passport expires in April 2010 and I am fly to south Africa on the 23rd September to the 3rd October and again on the 17th December and will be returning to London on the 5th January 2010. I have dual citizenship.   When would you suggest renewing my South African Passport.



mick crock replied on 09-07-2009 12:00 PM

Ditto,  Spent two months trying to get finger print forms. They only sent us one for my daughter and myseld eventhough I askes for 4 due to us needing ID as well as passport. Then they forgot to send the form that the person certifying the copies, taking the fingerprints and signing the photos fills in (annexure to the BI-9). We have now decided to travel down from Scotland to do it all at the office. That way hopefully it will get done right.  Good luck

Jen replied on 01-01-2010 7:49 PM

Hoping you can help with my query.  I was born in Britain and moved to South Africa at the age of 6.  When I got my ID Book at the age of 16 it reflected that I was a SA Citizen and I later went on to get a SA Passport - although I also held a British Passport - so I have dual nationality.  I am now back living in Britain but would like to know how I can retain my SA citizenship.



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