Satisfaction with assessment and feedback has declined


‘We can’t get no satisfaction’: Satisfaction with assessment and feedback has declined

According to the most recent results of the National Student Survey (NSS), student satisfaction with assessment and feedback at the University of Sussex has declined along with a slight decrease in teaching satisfaction.
This year satisfaction with assessment and feedback was at 64% while teaching satisfaction was at 88.5%.
The survey is taken by final year students in Higher Education Institutions (HEI) across the United Kingdom annually.
It is commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and is used to measure student satisfaction in university league tables such as The Times’ Good University Guide.
Respondents rate how strongly they agree or disagree with 22 statements split into six categories: teaching; assessment and feedback, academic support, organisation and management, learning resources, and personal development plus a final statement on overall satisfaction with the quality of their course.
A total of 1,861 students at the University completed the survey this year.
Overall, 89% of Sussex students who responded to the survey were satisfied overall with their course compared to a national average of 85%. The university is ranked joint 21st in the UK for student satisfaction.
In response to the decline in the University’s standings in the NSS, a BSc Economics graduate at the University, linked it to the University’s controversial move to privatise services.
“I gave good feedback, because I was unbiased in how I responded to the question”
“I know some people were very unhappy with the university and they were ticking everything down.”
On the quality of teaching on her course a third year Philosophy and Cognitive Science student said, “It varies depending who’s running it.”
Regarding the University’s assessment and feedback score a University spokesperson said, “Major changes have been made that should lead to an improvement in the future.”