Here are some YouTube channels to make you smarter

Four YouTube channels to make you smarter

Whether you’re wondering just how octopuses have sex or want to learn six, yes six, different ways to travel through time look no further than YouTube. From engaging a classroom of would be bored students to satisfying the curiosity of a couch surfer, video creators are playing an increasingly important role in science education. The Badger brings you some of the best YouTube channels to make you smarter.

Thebrainscoop – Through presenting thebrainscoop Emily Graslie landed a role with The Field Museum in Chicago, one of the world’s leading natural history museums. It’s easy to see why.

Watch first: Welcome to the Field Museum – The best introduction to the channel is also a great chance to take a peek inside the Field Museum while staying on this side of the pond.

Most viewed: Skinning the Wolf – While definitely not for the squeamish, this is a great opportunity to see how natural historians work.

Also watch: Insect Adventure, Part One – Insects, creepy crawlies aka those weird slimy things are actually pretty interesting when you find out more about their anatomy.

Minutephysics –These short videos with colourful doodles and Henry Reich’s rapid narration are perfect for anyone wanting to brush up on physics facts to wow people with.

Watch first: Common Physics Misconceptions – Everything you were taught about physics is wrong, well, not everything, but chances are you’ll have at least one thing cleared up after watching this video.

Most viewed: Immovable Object vs. Unstoppable Force – Which Wins? – In fight between an immovable object and an unstoppable force which one would you put your money on? In just over three minutes find out where to place your wallet.

Also watch: 3 Simple Ways to Time Travel (& 3 Complicated Ones) – Spoiler alert, something you do every day is helping you travel faster through time relative to your more stationary counterparts.

SciShow – SciShow covers current science news, tells you exactly what’s wrong with the science in films and gives short overviews of notable ideas and figures within science’s history.

Watch first: Sleep: Why We Need It and What Happens Without It – Every student begrudges those slumber filled hours that could be spent doing more exciting or productive things.

Most viewed: The Science of Lying – If you’re a bit sceptical about some people’s claims while playing Never Have I Ever brush up on your lie spotting skills.

Also watch: What is Sarin gas? – The use of sarin gas on civilians in Syria was constantly in headlines last September. This video is a good example of how SciShow informs its audience about the science currently affecting the news.

VSauce – VSauce aka Michael Stevens has an uncanny ability to go without blinking and end videos in a completely different place from the one you were expecting. If you like your science served with a side of temporary existential crisis, then click on one of these.

Watch first: How Secure is Your Password? And 21 Other DONGs – For a short introduction to VSauce’s distinct speaking style and a list of slightly peculiar, but interesting websites, head for this.

Most viewed: What If Everyone JUMPED At Once? – A question that has probably occasionally crossed your mind can be answered in this seven minute video.

Also watch: Will We Ever Run Out of New Music? – Making you think about everyday things in a new way and explaining things that you might not have even thought about are some of the things VSauce does best.