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How to get a pay rise

Don't be afraid to negotiate a salary increase.
Workers should not be afraid to negotiate a salary increase and a more effective career path, experts say.

It is the best option for beleaguered workers who would normally seek more rewarding employment in January, but will not this year in light of massive
public sector job cuts.

Corinne Mills, managing director of Personal Career Management, told the Guardian that the lean recession years had left workers stranded.

“Many companies recruited the best staff a few years ago, promising them structured career development as well as the promise of future lucrative salaries,” she says. “But in today’s environment employers might not be able to offer everything they had promised, which is a problem that could play into the hands of dissatisfied staff.”

Sarah Veale of the TUC, advises workers to confront the problem. “You may find that your employer will be extremely helpful,” she says.

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