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Generation Y expects more from their jobs

There is a lot of speculation about how Gen Y differs from earlier generations
Generation Y considers extra job perks more important than older generations do, according to research by recruitment specialist FreshMinds Talent.
The study compared people from Generation Y, those born after 1982, to Generation X, born between 1964 and 1981, and the Baby Boomers, born 1946 to 1963.

More of Gen Y placed a high value on signing bonuses (28 per cent versus 13 per cent), sabbaticals (50 per cent versus 29 per cent) and discounted gym memberships (28 per cent versus 13 per cent), compared to their elders.

Nearly 70 per cent of Gen Y placed similar importance as Gen X on getting flexible working hours, which the Baby Boomers cared less about at 59 per cent. All three generations considered contributory pension schemes equally important.

More of Generation Y would take a job that paid higher salary over a job at a company with more ethical practices, such as involvement in the community and positive environmental policies.

And while Gen Y is more likely to think their job says something about who they are, they are more likely to leave it in less than two years.

Managing director of FreshMinds Talent James Callander told onrec.com, “There is a lot of speculation about how Generation Y differ from earlier generations, particularly in terms of how they relate to the working environment.”

“This is critical if employers are going to understand what is required to engage this group of people that represent the future of their businesses.”

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